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We do bright nickel, electroless nickel, decorative nickel/chrome, and zinc plating for production applications only. Our zinc and bright nickel/chrome platings are for decorative applications but also offer corrosion resistance.

Our electroless nickel is for applications requiring a more complete coverage. Especially where specific thicknesses are needed. Also, the electroless nickel provides a higher level of corrosion resistance as compared to other types of plating. These properties are particularly useful in the oil and gas industries.

We serve metal stamping, machining, and fabrication companies only.

Most of the materials we plate are steel tubing, wire and stampings as well as machined components. We can also plate brass tubing, stampings and fittings. Our zinc plating is available in clear or yellow. Our clear zinc, bright nickel, and electroless nickel are all RoHS Compliant.

For a price quote please send an email with detailed drawings or prints indicating the base material, dimensions, and any plating specs that are required.

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